Battery Management

AZURA helps power the GALTAEIA racing yacht to victory!

AZURA technology was part of the winning combination used in the Wally Cento racing yacht GALTAEIA which uses Lithium-Ion batteries to power on-board electrical systems.

Owen David, Chief Engineer, added:

The Wally Cento racing yacht ‘GALTAEIA,’ was designed and built to perform at the highest level of competitive sailing. An industrial-grade PLC and Lithium-Ion battery pack controls and distributes power to the navigation and sail control systems on the race course. The nature of the sport demands that our yacht has to be reliable, dependable, and be able to thrive in the most extreme conditions. At the heart of this system is the AZURA CANBIS which has proven itself in regattas across the Caribbean and Mediterranean. Like any large sports team our success is a measure of the support of our technical partners and the relationships we are able to forge. We are extremely happy to consider AZURA one of the team. They share an equal part in our 2017 successes as the 2017 Rolex Maxi World Champions and Wally Season Champions. We look forward to 2018 together!

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Ford celebrate release of their Transit battery monitor with a cake!

To celebrate the sign-off of the new Transit Battery Monitor, Ford invited AZURA to a party which included an amazing replica of the battery monitor complete with status lights made entirely out of edible cake!

The Ford battery monitor ensures that customers using electrical power from the vehicle when idle do not deplete the battery and prevent starting. It also allows for intelligent integration of a second battery to provide more power for external equipment.