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Late News

Azura achieved over £500K of profitable business in our first year of operations. Azura has also developed new products, and enhanced its bespoke telematics offerings with options such as remote diagnostics, CANbus data logging, accurate temperature measurement, driver style assessment and now its own PC/web-based back office system.

We have also developed a new hardware platform for battery management, a robust CAN bus to USB gateway used in vehicle diagnostics and a vehicle CAN gateway for specialist vehicle applications.

Azura has the following products and skill sets:

  • Bespoke telematics hardware and firmware product and development
  • Remote diagnostics for mobile and static systems
  • Gateway/interface hardware and firmware
  • Vector CAN tools support, CANoe models, CAPL scripts etc
  • Embedded software/firmware development
  • End of line product test hardware and PC applications
  • Rapid prototyping and proof of concept tools and skills >
  • Development of hardware and firmware for testing of automotive sub systems
  • Validation and testing of automotive modules and networks
  • Experience with ARM processors, C,C++ language, Linux, J1939, and LabView systems

Azura wants to expand its first year successes and is looking for partners to take us forward to 2013 and beyond. Azura is also pleased to offer on-going support of any Trimble/Accutest products that you use under a support contract basis. If you have any projects or problems that we can help you with please let us know by return, we will be delighted to discuss working with yourselves. Please email us at or phone us.