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Case Studies


AZURA has developed bespoke logging software that logs specific CAN data from a J1939 CANbus system. All selected data is logged and the user can select which parameters/signals from this logged set are uploaded to the server and viewed through the AZURA website. This reduces transmission costs and gives the user flexibility to select individual data sets for each vehicle in their fleet.

Data is stored long term on the logger and the AZURA server. Transmitted data is encrypted and can only be viewed through the AZURA server, which decrypts the data, allowing vehicle data to be used for evidential purposes.

The AZURA website lets the user view geographical route data and also graph selected vehicle operation parameters for that journey. The AZURA data-logger also has the ability to connect remotely to monitor the vehicle's diagnostic information.

AZURA has replicated the customer's own diagnostic tool on the web interface, so that all data normally requested through their hardwired diagnostic tool is now available remotely. The logger firmware is written to minimise data traffic, therefore reducing costs and improving data security.


AZURA is currently performing a cost-down exercise for a Lithium Ion battery integration customer already using an existing AZURA hardware platform for EV and Hybrid vehicles.

This has involved a complete redesign of the hardware and the creation of bespoke firmware to allow the system to be integrated easily into automotive applications. The BIS2 unit is utilised to control the safety systems of the battery pack when in-situ in vehicles (or other applications) and allows two-way communications between the battery pack and vehicle to allow easy integration. This system perfectly complements our existing BIS1 unit that is used in large complex battery pack systems utilising many contactors.


AZURA has developed specialist remote diagnostics systems for various vehicle manufacturers and Tier-1 suppliers enabling vehicle diagnostic data to be retrieved from a central point, (WWW), not directly connected to any vehicle. This has been used to great effect in diagnosing issues before sending a technician to the vehicle or system location and has been used to update vehicle module firmware across fleets ofvehicles, saving dealer visits when new features / bug fixes are available.


This product is designed specifically for commercial vehicle body builders who require a robust, flexible, reliable, integration module to the vehicles electronic systems. The product, currently in development will feature a script based Windows based GUI to allow easy integration of manufactures vehicle CAN databases to the flexible gateway module with two CANbuses and 16 digital I/O.


AZURA has been involved in many bespoke world-wide telematics implementations for customers, taking the principle of telematics and tailoring it to their specific needs.

AZURA has developed systems that take data from the target CANbus in specific ways, use this data to compute other data and transmit that data, compressed and encrypted to a WWW based server.

AZURA has developed systems to take vehicle or stationary systems data and transmit it to various locations from the same unit, including sending different data to separate servers from one hardware device.