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Bespoke Telematics Solutions

AZURA provides systems that are fully researched, specified and evaluated before installation. AZURA is a system provider and has no preferences to the cell-net provider, again allowing our customers to choose the best deal for themselves.

Azura Bespoke Telematics systems range from:

  • Track & Trace in a flexible timely manner including alarms based on Geo-Fencing parameters
  • Vehicle parameters, fuel consumption, engine RPM, idle time etc
  • Specialist vehicle parameters, hydraulic pressures, refrigerator compartment temperatures, etc
  • Remote diagnostics, ability to read fault codes remotely and identify repair or service intervals
  • Driver behaviour parameters
  • Video recording of events
  • Links to customer’s existing IT or routing/planning systems

AZURA has a vast range of Telematic installation, from providing remote logging of vehicle CAN bus data and diagnostics to EV vehicles in the USA to telematics for a leading UK home delivery company, and even encompassing a manufacturer's specialist fleet of emergency vehicles.

If you have a Telematics application, AZURA will be delighted to discuss your requirements.